tray of meats, cheeses, and garnishes


Catering Services provides unparalleled quality catering to the Penn State Schuylkill campus community--from coffee breaks to buffets to multi-course meals to theme celebrations. Let us tailor a menu to match your food service needs and budget.

For your next business meeting, luncheon, banquet, or afternoon break, contact Catering Services at [email protected]. To ensure a successful event, please make all arrangements at least two weeks before the event.

Catering Guidelines

  1. The Catering Services department of Penn State Schuylkill Food Services can provide detailed information and help you plan your catered event. During the initial planning stages, clients must provide an estimated number of guests.
  2. Clients may request either china service or disposable products. Customized linens, tables, and table service can be provided at an additional cost. Arrangements for these services must be made at least two weeks before the scheduled event.
  3. Deliveries for catered events can be made to any location on campus with a minimum $25.00 order. A 10 percent service charge will be applied to all delivered catering events.
  4. Student organizations that request catering services must submit a written authorization approval from their staff or faculty advisor, and must include the appropriate budget number that will be charged for the catering event. This approval must be received before any services are rendered.
  5. Any changes in the estimated number of guests should be given to the Food Services manager at least one week before the scheduled event.
  6. The guaranteed number of guests that will be attending the event must be provided to the Food Services Manager at least 48 hours before the scheduled event. Any changes to the order must also be made by this time. Guest numbers stand confirmed at 48 hours in advance.
  7. The client will be billed for 100 percent of the guaranteed number of guests. In order to provide a quality catering event, food and service will be provided for 5 percent above the guaranteed number of guests. Catering charges will be based on the guaranteed number of guests or the actual number of guests in attendance, whichever is higher.
  8. In the event of a cancellation less than 48 hours before the scheduled event, 50 percent of the non-recoverable costs incurred by Food Services will be charged to the appropriate group or organization.
  9. If an unusual or uncontrollable circumstance arises, and Food Services must make menu changes, substitute items of comparable quality will be served. When possible, clients will be notified of any changes in advance.
  10. If an event begins more than 30 minutes after the scheduled starting time, Food Services cannot be held responsible for the overall quality of the meal. The client will be responsible for any additional labor costs incurred. These costs will be applied to the catering bill.
  11. Due to standard Board of Health practices, leftover prepared food items may not be removed from the premises.
  12. The client is responsible for ensuring that all property belonging to Food Services is promptly returned. Items may not be stored in departments for future use. Clients may be assessed a fee for any items that are not returned.
  13. If your group or department is considering using an external catering company, please review Policy AD26 Sale of Food and Beverage at University Locations.