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Food Advisory Board

Help us help you! Let us know what you need.

We're here to listen! The Food Advisory Board (FAB) is an open forum for students and food-service management to work together to make food services the best it can possibly be.

FAB connects Housing and Food Services with students to discuss campus food services. Meetings are scheduled throughout the semester and are open to all students. Topics of discussion include the following:

  • Menu options
  • Special dinners
  • Pace changes
  • Student programming
  • New product sampling
  • Food services feedback
  • And whatever else happens to be on your mind about dining on campus

Want your voice to be heard?

Send us an email and we'll let you know when and where the next meeting will be held. There might even be some free food involved. How great a deal is that—your opinion is taken seriously while you enjoy some free food.

Housing and Food Services is committed to ensuring that our products and services surpass our students' needs. You can send comments or questions to the Food Services staff at any time.