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Food Services & Student Housing FAQs

How does the Campus Meal Plan work?

All menu items have a cash price, which includes the food cost and the base cost of operation (dining facility mortgages, labor, supplies, maintenance, and utilities). Because you pay the base cost up front for the entire semester, you receive a discount off the cash price at the food court. Items that are prepared in-house are discounted 65 percent off the cash price. Branded items that are delivered into the operation do not receive any discount. Prepared food items purchased at coffee shops are only given a 10 percent discount.

Why don't I get 65 percent off everything I buy?

The 65 percent discount only applies to menu items that are prepared in-house by Housing and Food Services employees. The discount is a reflection of the base cost that is incorporated into the price of the item, which is paid at the beginning of each semester. Since prepackaged items are not prepared in-house, it costs much more to provide them. That's why we are unable to offer a discount for those items.

How do I add dining dollars to my meal plan?

You can add dining dollars to your meal plan at any time online using a MasterCard or Visa . To pay with cash or check, visit a cashier's station or the Food Services Office. Visit id+ to manage your account online, or stop by the Food Services Office to request a change. No refunds are given for unused dining dollars at the end of the semester.

What should I do if I lose my id+ card?

Immediately report the loss to the Food Services Office. You can also deactivate your card services by visiting id+. The University is not responsible for any loss or expense resulting from the loss, theft, or misuse of your card. The id+ Office will issue a new card at the current replacement fee, which can be paid by cash or check—or charged to your student account.

I am a commuter student. Which meal plan is best for me?

We suggest you take advantage of LionCash+ where you can deposit funds directly onto your id+ Card, or the Commuter Meal Plan, which works just like LionCash+ and can be charged to the Bursar account. Hidden Stream Cafe offers a 10 percent discount off of prepared food and beverage purchases when you use LionCash+ or the Commuter Meal Plan. The Campus Meal Plan is a good choice only if you plan on eating a minimum of 14 meals a week on campus.

How can I get a printout of my meal plan usage?

Visit id+ to manage your account.

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